Dropbox Business Plus

For companies
77,950 / 3 user / yr


  • 3+ users
  • Starts at 15 TB for the team
  • Large file delivery up to 250 GB
  • 1 year to restore deleted files
  • Track file engagement
  • Unlimited signature requests
  • PDF editing
  • Record, review, and edit video
  • Set up tiered admin roles
  • Suspicious activity alerts
  • Compliance tracking

Introducing the ultimate solution for businesses – Dropbox Business Plus! With our best pricing plan yet, you can now elevate your team’s productivity and collaboration without breaking the bank. This edition is packed with powerful features and advanced tools designed to streamline your work processes and drive efficiency.

By choosing Dropbox Business Plus, you gain access to enhanced security measures, robust admin controls, and generous storage space. Say goodbye to file limitations and hello to seamless file sharing across your entire organization. The ease of use and intuitive interface make it a breeze to navigate through projects and stay organized even on the busiest of days.

Ready to take the leap? You can easily buy the Business Plus edition online today and unlock a world of possibilities for your business. Streamline your workflows, empower your team, and elevate your business with Dropbox Business Plus – the perfect fit for companies looking to thrive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape!

Users can also access smart sync technology, allowing them to seamlessly access files without taking up unnecessary hard drive space. In Edition,  of Dropbox Business Plus includes centralized admin controls, simplifying the management of user accounts and ensuring compliance with company policies. This comprehensive package provides an affordable way for businesses to elevate their cloud storage capabilities.


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